Alissa RA

Alissa is a Holistic Healer & Channel, who has studied with a diversity of teachers in Europe, Mexico & the USA. She works with the Akashic Records to receive information that serves the global awakening, the Activation of our DNA, Ascension, Healing and Empowerment. She shares these transmissions in Courses, Workshops & Retreats around the world.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the memory of the soul. They are the eternal, cosmic library in that all that ever was, all that is and all that ever will be is saved as an energetic imprint. The word "Akasha" comes from Sanskrit and means "space".

Everything exists in the Akashic Records as an energetic Code. These Codes can be acessed and downloaded through channeling. In this Transmission I will open up the Akashic Records of the Group to channel their messages for us on whatever is most important for us to know. Then we dive into a dynamic question answer Reading in that every one has the oppertunity given to ask questions and receive the highest guidance of the Akash. Commonly explored questions are about healing of illnesses, how to manifest what we consciously desire & bring our visions into life, relationships, past lifes, future possibillities, desicions, career, finances, the mysteries of creation, and many more! We can all see it in the Akasha as all the happenings are saved there since the beginning of time. The etheric beings & guardians of the Akashic Records that I am working with are highly loving beings that transmit us the information that is most empowering, elevating & important for us to know. Peoples lives may be transformed after an Akashic Record Transmission, it allows enhanced clarity on their soul path and alignment with their life mission.

The Activation of our DNA & Light body
The Activation of our DNA & Light body, with Information that was given to me by the Akashic Records in order to share it with people that are on the Ascension path. This Information is highly important in this specific time on earth - in that we now more then ever have the oppertunity to activate our DNA & live our highest potential on earth.
In this Workshop I talk about the transission from the carbon into the crystalline DNA, the beginning of a new era on earth and how we can use the new frequencies that are flooding the earth to activate our DNA & reach our highest state. We talk about the multi dimensional light body and go through an very powerful activation practise. After that we will have time to ground with a Light Language Sound Bath.

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