Andrew Mount

In 1988, I met Bruce Eldridge DePalma, a former MIT Lecturer and assistant to Dr. Harold Edgerton (E.G. & G.) and Dr. Land (Polaroid Corporation). At Polaroid, Bruce was in charge of advanced 3-D photography and ran an entire department. Until his death in 1997, I was Bruce’s full-time apprentice and acted as Secretary of DePalma Institute, his private educational Trust.

During the years I worked with him, we built three totally novel N-machine (homopolar generator) prototypes — while living in New Zealand. Each of these was tested rigorously in different environments including a University laboratory, using the most advanced motors and controllers as well as innovative construction techniques that included: liquid-metal brushes, high-strength magnetized conductors/cylinders rotating at high-speed, patent and engineering work, as well as precise calorimetric and torque tests.

When we were not designing and constructing machinery, Bruce and I would write scientific papers and study natural philosophy, attend international conferences and engage in rigorous correspondence with his colleagues around the world. During my tenure, I learned to type at 90-words-per-minute, such that Bruce was able to dictate letters to me and we could produce quite a lot of letters daily. I read a great deal of advanced literature during my years with Bruce including some basic electrical engineering texts which means I have a rudimentary knowledge of both electrical science and physics from my nine-years at his side.

I still possess a defunct status as co-trustee of DePalma Institute (New Zealand) where I am also storing his archives of scientific data and private papers.

Also in New Zealand are two magnet pies of the following dimensions: 6000 gauss, 8-inches thick, 13-inches in diameter, mounted between two steel plates and wrapped in fiberglass laced with industrial epoxy also applied between each of the hexagonal magnets that make up the entire pie. Video on the construction of this machine may be seen at this site:

DePalma N-machine 10/18

NB: Please start viewing at 6-minutes, 25-seconds…

Bruce also ran a radio show in New Zealand for 80-weeks before his death and I was one of his engineers on this show.

My association with Bruce’s work allowed me to glimpse into the alternative science of people like Victor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, Rudolph Steiner, Stephen Marinov, Robert Adams, Peter Lindemann, Trevor James Constable, Paramahamsa Tewari, and many others including Adam Trombly who to this day remains my friend.

I also cofounded New Energy Movement (which was ultimately the inspiration for Breakthrough Energy Movement) with Apollo Astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, Joel Garbon, Jeane Manning, Alden Bryant, and many others.  I spoke on a panel at our first international New Energy Congress which I also co-produced.

Today I am considered a member of the dissident science community and have been designing my own advanced versions of Bruce DePalma‘s early antigravity machines which I believe I can now couple to Homopolar generator elements to make a self-powering flying machine. There are many unique patentable elements and I would love to share this IP (hand-drawn schematics plus theoretical underpinnings) with an organization capable of constructing working models and bringing these designs to ultimate fruition. My long-term goal is to travel to a neighboring planet before I die. I wish this for not only myself but many other human beings whom I believe would be tremendously enriched by a multi-planetary civilization and the scientific revolution that must precede this.


Areas of Expertise

• Aquaponics Design and Implementation

• Permaculture Food Forest and Huglekultur Design (including culinary/medicinal mushroom cultivation)

• Soil and Fertility Management (including large-scale composting and vermiculture)

• Public speaking and media appearances for education in food system resilience and advanced energy physics

• Social Entrepreneurship and Social Finance leadership

• Sustainability Consultant on Energy-Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Waste Management

• International Agroforestry and Ecological Farming Development

• Media Production and Radio Broadcasting


Saturday September 28th, 2019
Regenerative Systems & Earth Repair: A Practical Eco-Psychology of the Future
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Location: Pyramid
Sunday September 29th, 2019
Quantum Consciousness as the Key to Human Evolution
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Location: Dome


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