Ayako Oguri

Ayako Oguri has been teaching tai-chi /qi-gong type of meridian exercises over 20 years, Ayako started her body movement career as a flamenco dancer in the United States, in Paris and in Spain where she was living among gypsy in Granada and Jerez de la Frontera, learning singing and dancing directly from the native gypsies. However dancing only with emotions made her body stiff and even some pain in her knees, also since she started to look for her own root of origins, she started to learn about the Oriental Medicine in Spain with different teachers from different nationalities like Spanish, English and Chinese masters over Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Sui-na massage and other alternative medicines. Later she moved to Mexico where she devoted her learning on medical plants from a 70 yea-old native Indian and there she started to teach Tai Chi in a macrobiotic restaurant. Tai chi practice really served her during her pregnancy and the birth of her son that she decided to perfect her studies on Tai Chi. With that mind she returned to Japan where an experienced Japanese Tai Chi teacher gave her the opportunity to become his assistant coach. Also she met different Tai Chi and Qi gong masters from Japan and also from China. She has been teaching Tai Chi to a group of 5 to 20 students in a few cultural centers and gym, as well as done private groups and private sessions. She is also a National Licensed massage therapist, and has studied Tao Shiatsu over 6 years, so her exercise classes are combined with anatomical explanation of how we can move our body, articulations, and about what we have to be careful in doing some exercises so that we don’t hurt our articulations in particular movements. … in Japan there are many elder people who want to join in these type of exercise classes as well, and since she is a practitioner of massage therapy and Shiatsu, she is also teaching self -care skills and self-massage, meditation in motion with respiration like some of the Qi gong or Do-in practices.

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