Carol Whitney

Carol Whitney is a Master Pranashakthi Mahavidya healer and teacher. This ancient energetic modality from India which is unique because it utilizes infinite dimensions and connection to cosmic consciousness / source energy to remove suffering at deep levels. Carol uses her clairsentience, claircognizance and intuition to understand how to assist a person or animal based on Divine guidance.

She holds space at a deep level for peace, unconditional love and transformation. Through devotion, trust, surrender, faith, and understanding she creates a vibrational environment that quickly facilitates wellness. These energies that come through are that of unconditional love of the Divine Mother. She works with crystals, dolphin energies, animal communication, uses sacred geometry and her voice, as well as many other unique processes. She now offers Aura Soma color light therapy as part of her many offerings. Outside of the healing practice Carol leads a weekly Kirtan (chanting) and Yajna (devotional fire ceremony).

She also trains in Hindustani Classical music. Her master teacher is Kankana Banerjee. She is ceramic artist and infuses the pieces she makes with her healing.

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