Cheri Arellano

Cheri is a truth seeker, healer, empath, ascension advocate and a protector of Mother Earth. She is also a mother, a wife, a designer, a photographer, and a filmmaker. Cheri’s first awakening journey began in the winter of 2001, when she felt called to travel to India, Nepal, and Egypt. Her adventure began at the world’s largest spiritual festival, the Maha Kumbh Mela, where she spent time with gurus, yogis, and sadhus. As a yogini and a photographer, she traversed the landscape of these places with an open heart. Later joined by her now husband Mark, they left Egypt feeling activated to use her skills for the greater good. Upon returning to the States, Conscious Creative was born. They focused on helping green businesses, non-profits and other socially conscious organizations by providing sustainable graphic design, web design, photography and video production. In 2002, Conscious Creative was the first green-certified creative agency in San Francisco.

In 2012, she felt a new journey starting to light up and felt called to do more to help people awaken to a new vision for our planet, to make a greater impact on humanity by helping people discover their true calling. For the past 6 years, she’s studied meditation, energy fields, innate wisdom, essential oils, and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, The Emotion Code and Quantum Psionics. She quickly learned that providing healing sessions with Quantum Psionics was one of her sacred callings. Quantum Psionics accesses higher dimensions, all timelines, ancestral lineages and utilizes the frequency or essence of many healing tools including sacred geometry, crystals, divine light rays, and Arcturian healing codes. Cheri is also a student of the Ancient Intelligence Mystery School, led by Tracey Ash and eChin.

In 2017, Cheri kicked off The Ascension Sessions, a series of video interviews with spiritual leaders sharing their wisdom on the topic of Ascension. Some of her interviewees include Tracey Ash, Maureen St. Germain, Laura Eisenhower, Billy Carson and Sebastien Martin. Her focus is to help people open their hearts and minds; to hold new visions of where we are headed as a people on a peaceful, loving planet full of heart-centered people who are of one collective consciousness; one where we hold love, peace and sovereignty as a priority for the greater good of humanity, the animal kingdom, and all who call Gaia home. She is doing this work through use of media and hands-on energy healing practices with Quantum Psionics and essential oils. Cheri is here to protect the Earth as a light warrior, to hold the Divine Light, and to help people awaken to their inner truths and heal their wounds.
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