Want to share your love for what you know with others ?  Avatars of The Earth Gathering theme has always been Co-create and Participate we in courage everyone to bring their gifts and talent to Avatars of The Earth Gathering and share it with all the participants . If you are a spiritual teacher, yogi, bodyworkers, healers, crystal therapist, ayurvedics, herbalists, energy worker, trained or certified in the healing arts and wanting to join in our workshop presenters. We are interested in cultivating a healing experience and any other workshops that offer a platform of education and interaction which is a major component of the Avatars of The Earth Gathering experience. We will be hosting workshops in several areas of the gathering, and your placement will be determined based on content.

Workshop titles and descriptions must be detailed this will help us to understand your area of expertise, and appropriate placement of your workshop. Please list workshops in the order of desire to present. A thorough application with all fields appropriately filled in greatly increases the likelihood that you will be selected.

Applications deadline is August 1st, 2019

Acceptance notification is July 1st, 2019

Presenters Form