DJ Brian Kadmiri

Brian Kadmiri, founder of the legendary Remedy SF has been a driving force in the San Francisco electronic music industry as an event producer for more than 20 years. After producing a multitude of shows and booking the most sought after and world-renowned artists, it was inevitable that the universe provide the passion and the necessary tools for Brian to begin DJ’ing and producing music.

After a beautiful run in the nightlife industry Brian shifted his perspective and began looking into alternative realms of music and dance which were more healing based.

What sparked his interest in sound healing was the day he came across the incredibly influential movie The Music Never Stops.

Based on a true story and an essay titled The Last Hippie by neurologist Oliver Sacks, The Music Never Stopped is an effectively emotional look at the power of music therapy to trigger memories lost after brain surgery. Using abundant songs from the ’60s by Bob Dylan, the Beatles and especially the Grateful Dead to bridge the generation gap between a father and son estranged by time and a severe medical condition, the sentimental pull of the film is hard to resist.

It proved to Brian by watching this film and doing his own research that music is medicine and certain sounds, vibrations, hertz, waves, tones and frequencies are magically healing and positively life altering if used correctly, with intention.

Having such an impact in Brian’s life, he started to research ways to incorporate his favorite genres that were uplifting and powerfully healing.

“If I was to describe my sound it would be a hybrid of genres consisting of Ambient, Downtempo-Chill, Deep House, House, Tribal Percussive, WorldBeat, e.g. Middle Eastern, Eastern Indian, African, Latin, Bass Heavy w/ Psychedelic Textures, Reggae, Funk, Disco, Breaks, Dub, Soul & Electronica. There’s such a multitude of genres that I love playing that I never like to limit myself with one particular genre as I love all styles of healing music”.

You can catch Brian Kadmiri @ HeartBeat Ecstatic Dance in Mount Shasta (look for dates) which he is a resident DJ, a core group member and producer of. You can also visit his facebook page for event, festival, and silent disco’s bookings around the nation.

Bookings, please contact Brian Kadmiri through Facebook @

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