Integration Gathering

Mady & Christian (Integration Gatherings)

Shamanic Akashic Sound Therapy Dome ~ A complete immersion of spirit and sound ~ Activations through Lumerian Light Language transmissions,  Akashic Guided Meditations, Crystal & Tibetan sound bowls, Gongs, Tuning of the Human Biofield, Shamanic drumming, Shamanic Medicine such as Hápe, Sananga, and Cacao, Chakra Cleansing, Bio-Energy Healing, and more.

Mady Graham and Christian Ross are Consciously Lighting the Path to the soul’s Self Healing Potential & True Divine Nature ~ Which is Love. Their mission is to heal the inner child and heart’s energy center while awakening the new earth frequencies that we all contain. By activating these frequencies, we all may continue sharing the New Earth Light Codes, resulting in the reformation of our Earth and triggering a radical shift in consciousness.

Together they Facilitate Sacred Space through Akashic Sound Therapy, and Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies. It is their mission to assist all who are seeking healing and expansion through the application of Immersive Sound Therapy, Guided Emotional Therapy, Guided Meditations, Tuning of the Human Biofield, Light Language Activations, Reiki, Crystal Grids, and Energetic Cleansing of the Spirit.

Saturday September 28th, 2019
Sound Healing
Location: Pyramid
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


Sunday September 29th, 2019
Sound Healing
Location: Dome
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

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