Kashi Stone

Kashi Stone is a revolutionary artist and voice of change for the future, living as a yogi and mystic. An uplifting and inspirational public speaker, teacher, author and devotee of H.D.H. Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramshivam, Kashi offers a profound channel for spiritual transformation through her ability to impart golden keys for awakening that are hidden in the ancient, Hindu spiritual teachings.

Kashi shares the Hindu spiritual lifestyle teachings through the founding of Soul Design University. Through this on-line educational portal, wisdom and guidance is provided for the seeker concerning the ancient science of Ayurveda and the transformational power of eastern, Vedic astrology.

Kashi lives her life as a Brahmacharya, sharing her perspective of healing, maturation and spiritual practice in accordance to the principles of this unique and rare, spiritual lifestyle path. Her Master Guru H.D.H. Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam provides her daily road-map as she continues as a student of Nithyananda University, a school for achieving enlightenment through ancient principles.

A unique path of surrender, Kashi imparts the benefits of a life-long pursuit as the seeker and initiated student offering solutions for overcoming the struggle between living spiritually and materially.

Friday September 27, 2019
Thoughts and Their Source

One of the most difficult things to do is to manage thought-currents. No matter how hard we try they seem to infiltrate our reality and dominate the mind in day-to-day thinking. They can also be a terrible distraction in meditation making it difficult to enter into a sweet, quiet space.

In this presentation we review how thought-currents are created, where they come from and how they tend to influence the mind and our meditation practice.  Tools are imparted for managing thought-currents and their impact on our reality.

Silent Meditation included with lecture.


Saturday September 28th. 2019

Every human has a unique signature encoded in their astrological imprint that defines the ultimate character possible in their unique design. This signature can be synthesized into a one-sentence title creating the Super-Hero Avatar Signature.

In this workshop, an astrological chart is generated for each participant and translated into a super-hero identity using the ancient I Ching combined with astrological teachings. Through this comprehensive method of identification, a simple, modern mantra-like title evolves, which gives tremendous clarity on who one is, why they are here and what they have to share with the collective. This provides a permanent title of one’s true identity that can be relied upon for directing one’s life and in making decisions.


Sunday September 29, 2019

Create your own personal deity for empowerment

In this workshop, we review the history of idols, gods, shrines and devas and their significance in the process of cultivating consciousness. After a brief review we create our own personal deity. Bring items to create with such as fabrics, jewels, ornaments, crystals and gems, flowers, cotton for stuffing or sticks for building and more. Allow your intuitive guide to gather and bring the items for creating your own personal empowerment tool. A modest selection of craft material is provided for workshop.


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