Mominoki House


We are honoured to welcome Eichiro Yamaha of Mominoki House. Being born in a traditional family of cooks, trained in cooking in Japan, USA and in England, Eichiro became the Owner Chef of the Food Concept Shop “Mominoki House”, a naturalistic restaurant in Harajuku, in Tokyo for over 43 years, the first Naturalistic restaurant in Japan.

He started his business asking the farmers directly to make vegetables without pesticides and fertilizers. Since then over 40 years he has been working to raise awareness of food in Japan and promote natural cultivation.

To his restaurant many people have come from all over the world including Stevie Wonder  and David Bowie. He has also offered catering to Janet Jackson, Paul  McCartney and The Rolling Stones.

He has established a training system  for those who want to learn how to cook.

“I want to leave an environment where we can provide safe meals for the next generation.“ has been his motivation to all these energetic activities. 

“I want to change agriculture in Japan to natural cultivation while living.”

Having that as his life purpose , he passionately dedicates himself every day in education activities and in particular education to develop a sense of food for younger generation.

Nippon CI Association Lima-cooking, Máster-process completion

NPO Slow-life-Japan  Association , board member

NPO Natural-food planet, Director.

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