Peter Fae

Peter Fae is a natural mystic with access to the perception of the akasha, the underlying substance of all form.  Led by divine vision, he was given the task of witnessing his own unfoldment in a mystical documentary for over fifteen years, tracking the synchronicities of his life and the people, places and events that occurred on his sacred Path in an ongoing yoga of understanding the nature of our Stories and how they relate to the awakening of the human species to the new paradigm.

He is the creator of Into the Mythica, a publishing platform of spiritual media using our Stories to reveal the nature of our personal mythologies and their place and purpose in the Great Story of our Awakening, where he uses his own story and that of others to reveal the nature of the World Tree, the map of synchronicity through the akasha that links all our Stories together.




Into the Mythica – Mapping the World Tree

There is a constant, throughout our many mythologies.  The idea of a World Tree, with many interlocking roots and branches, the contemplation of which leads to revelation over the nature of our interconnectedness and  the web of life that links us all.

In this workshop, Peter Fae will be presenting a way of looking at the World Tree as the map of our synchronicities, the pattern that lay beneath the many conditions of our lives and the confluence of characters that arrive on our sacred Path, where our many personal and collective realities are seen as Worlds upon that subtle landscape.

From this perspective, we will explore the idea that we are all characters in the Great Story of humanities evolution, each playing our part in an interwoven chorus of stories, all serving their right place in our collective Awakening, using photos and tales from his own journey to show the nature of our shared unfoldment.

Within the workshop, he will be presenting a guided meditation, helping attendees to better perceive their own place and purpose within that subtle landscape

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