Polly Higgins

We are Ecological Defence Integrity, a small UK non-profit founded by legal pioneer Polly Higgins, working with a team of top international criminal lawyers and evidence experts.  We are already preparing a test prosecution case against one of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies (Shell), and we are already working with Pacific small island (Great Ocean) states.

The campaign to protect the Earth by criminalising ecocide was the life’s work of UK barrister and visionary Polly Higgins.  She spent the last decade making the word “ecocide” globally understood by giving talks, making documentaries and advising governments. Along the way she inspired thousands, from parliamentarians to ecologists and from lawyers to artists.  She devoted all her time and unquenchable spirit to one client – the Earth.



At the time of the launch of this site, Polly was seriously ill with a fast-spreading cancer, as related in George Monbiot’s article of 28th March 2019.  She passed away peacefully on Easter Sunday 21st April 2019.  Her warmth, determination and positivity remained undimmed to the end, and she lived to see her call for ecocide law being taken up by the growing climate activist movements.

Her legal and campaign teams, now co-ordinated by Polly’s close colleague and co-founder of the campaign Jojo Mehta, are fully committed to carrying her work forward – with your help and that of many thousands of Earth Protectors across the world.

Polly’s spirit will live on in all who know it is time for serious harm to the Earth to be named – and prevented.

It is our job to Stop Ecocide: Change the Law and ensure that ecosystem destruction becomes a crime.  It won’t just be the law that changes then,  but the whole course of history.


Stop Ecocide {Movie}
Friday September 27th, 2019
Location: Lodge
Time: 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM


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