Queens That Bridge- Lucy and Amelia are a twin-flame-couple who have come together to bridge the spiritual and physical world into ONE. Joining forces in their Heart-Centered Marketing Company (www.queensthatbridge.com) they have put together The New Earth Leaders Podcast to further co-create and assist in humanity and Gaia’s ascension.



The Rise of New Earth Leaders – The New Age of Starseeds

Lucy and Amelia have come together to bridge the spiritual and physical. Sharing their blueprint for the rise of the new-age of Starseeds. The rise of the New Earth Leaders. How to step into who you truly are and BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE. Sharing stories of love, healing, ascension equality and coming together for the divine mission. It’s time for us to rise. To break free from the false matrix. Create our own reality. Activate our gifts. Activate our higher frequency. Activate humanity. Help Gaia ascend. Connect with our soul tribes to co-create in a win-win for all.

Love | Truth | Freedom | Equality | Integrity | Bravery | Generosity | Purpose

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