Robin Houghton

Originally having grown up by Grandmother Ocean on Cape Cod, in New England, I am now a 35 resident of sacred Mt. Shasta, the father of 3 wonderful people, Saisha Aspen Dawn, Shankara Sage, and Talula Elizabeth, and a life-long practitioner of Spiritual Healing, Ecstatic Practices, & Earth-Based Spirituality, including Native American practices. My FAVORITE healing modality is Conscious Breathing, and I was trained in the Rebirthing (Emotional Release therapy) method almost 40 years ago. After an extensive & wonderfully Healing Practice, about 20 years ago I Realized that the Breathwork was much more Potent, Available, and Transformative when taught as a Self-Healing & Self-Empowering Shamanic System! I now teach my evolved system, OCEANIC BREATHWORK, so that people Learn & Own it for various powerful uses in their Life, in a single Group or individual Session. I Teach both Private Retreat & Public Groups, as well as individuals, primarily here in Mt. Shasta. I have also been a Leader of the ecstatic Dances of Universal Peace, a Westernized SUFI practice, since being trained at Sufi Camps on Kauai, long ago. I have been Blessed to lead these sweet, deep, & FUN Dances both here in Mt. Shasta & at Spiritual Festivals & Gatherings throughout the Northwest since the 1980’s!



OCEANIC BREATHWORK is a simple, easy-to-learn, yet deep & powerful Life-enhancing, Self-Healing, & Self-Empowerment process! Once you learn the simple technique in our group workshop, you will be able to use it in many ways; as a short daily health & spiritual practice, a Dynamo for other spiritual practices & many life activities, including athletics, for mental & emotional Re-patterning, for emotional “first aid’ in stressful, worrisome, or fearful situations, and – my Favorite!! – to go on natural internal Shamanic Journeys, guided by your own Consciousness! The Breath works by Flooding your body & energetic Meridian System with oxygen and prana (the life-force energy inherent in breath). So it is primarily biochemical, as well as Spiritual!!

This allows for 2 main effects: 1. The actual, permanent Release of old emotional energies stored in the Meridians & Chakras as the result of overwhelming, challenging, even traumatic life events. I have had 1000’s of people tell me that this Emotional Releasing has Changed their Lives, forever! 2. Experience of enhanced Inspiration, Creativity, and Visionary Experiences. These Experiences usually involve Insights into personal issues, situations, or challenges on many levels, and Also can include Emotional & Mental Healing & Replacing of negative patterns, Sexual Healing, both emotional and physical, Past Life memories and healing of past life Wounds, Identification & Healing of Intergenerational negative patterns, and Somatic movement of Energy in and between internal areas or organs in the body. Folks ALSO report Visionary Experiences, during the internal shamanic Breath Journeys, ranging from Encounters with Allies, Totems, Ascended Beings, Angels, Gaia, Elementals, Fairies, & Devas, even Astral Travel in this World & to Others, Out-of-body experiences, and many others that are, well, hard to describe!! These types of experiences are totally individual & unpredictable, but common!

Our Group will consist of about 20-30 minutes of explanation, followed by about 90 minutes for the inner Shamanic Journey! I will provide group Safety & expert Support, throughout!!

PLEASE BRING: a PAD, BLANKET, water, optional pillow, any desired Totemic or Power Objects, HAVING EATEN LIGHTLY (so you don’t get too hungry during our 2 hours!), Coming ON TIME, AND! An Open, Willing Adventurous SPIRIT!!

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