Saint Germain

Saint Germain has reincarnated or what is called a “walk­in” at this time. Bringing some of the universe’s deepest truths and yet also the simplest teachings for personal self­ help and spiritual growth. Focusing on meditation, affirmations, visualization and dreams. Other topics include: angels & elohim, advanced past civilizations, UFO’s, Pleiadian contact, hollow Earth, violet
flame teachings and secrets of the heart.
Based out of northern California, he has circled the world many times working as a diplomatic advisor to many different heads of state. He isalso the U. S. Representative forSweden’s “Unity Party”. Giving workshops, concerts and healingsessions that include counseling and laying­of­hands healing. Since May 12, 1999, when he received his message to come into the public, he has been sharing the benefits of meditation and the other free tools that we
all have inside, that truly allows us to master oneself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Saint Germain is also an acclaimed musician, singer and songwriter who plays over 100 instruments and is a multiple Guinness
Book of World Record holder in music. Giving sound healings, concerts and “call and response” kirtans with the audiences.
Seen on: ABC (US) * MTV * VH1 * Televisa * India TV * Oxygen TV * Telenet Listening On: Spotify * iTunes * cdbaby *Soundcloud * Pandora * Amazon 

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