Sri Shivananda

Join us for a rare opportunity to sit closely with Sri Shivananda Swamiji,who devotes his life to the service of humanity. His near-death experience in his youth and a subsequent awakening in 2017 forever expanded his views of life and the nature of this existence. Shivandanda is devoted to guiding others in expanding their consciousness to initiate inner change through opening the heart.

For this US Heart Illumination Tour, Shivanda will be offering his teachings in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree and San Diego.

Shivananda creates an inviting loving space and will be speaking in native Italian and aided by his interpreter. The evening opens with connection through Kirtan and with Carol Whitney. Shivananda will give a talk regarding developing the heart’s capacity to give and receive love used on opening the heart. Each discourse is unique to the audience, truly divinely guided and encoded with energetic frequencies specifically for the group that will assist those in attendance to release blocks within. The heart is a portal for awakening and its opening is a key to expanded consciousness. The program concludes with a guided meditation and a group healing/blessing. Individual blessings will be offered if time permits.

In guided meditations, Shivananda gently and safely supports the awakening of this energy within you, removing any blockages and allowing more light to flow through your chakras.

“Shivananda is a gift of love that transforms the life of those around him. He inspires me the way he takes care of everyone, his infinite patience and unshakable faith. Being with him I could experience the state of unconditional love and effortless action. His gaze takes you to the center of your Being. In the meditations with him you experience the Essence. Much gratitude and love. I wish for everyone to meet him.”

Prasadini, Italy

Sri Shivananda Swamiji was born in southern Italy in 1975. He says, “When I was sixteen years old, a significant change happened to me on the soul level. After a serious accident, I was left in a coma for nine days. During this time, my soul left my body and floated over my hospital bed, hearing and seeing everything that was happening in the room. It saw beyond the veil of the material world. My soul saw how everyone, no matter who they were – doctors, nurses, family members – carried the same light in their hearts. This showed me that everyone is the same.

“After awaking from the coma, the memories of my life only came back slowly. The experiences I had during my coma were still with me, but I could not rationalize them. Setting them aside, I led a normal life marrying and having a son, and building a successful career working with horses. It was only years later, when my life fell apart and I lost everything, that I remembered the things which had happened to me on the soul level. I realized that my soul had come into the world with a special mission. To end my profound suffering, I began opening up to what was intended for me. Finally, I was ready to meet the Masters.”

Shivananda’s life changed forever in the summer of 2017.

He says, “After I returned from a trip to India, the divine manifested in my house. I fell into a deep form of meditation. This state called Samadhi lasted nine days.

“During this extraordinary time that I call ‘the joy of the self,’ I traveled through different stages of consciousness, meeting with the Masters. They opened my divine channels and showed me my dharma, my mission here on Earth. The Masters revealed a system of healing to me, on that utilizes Kundalini energy, the energy of our Mother Earth.”


Friday September 27th 2019
Heart Illumination
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location: Pyramid


Saturday September 28th 2019
Heart Illumination
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Location: Pyramid


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