TJ Higgs

TJ Higgs is a natural born psychic medium, which means I have the ability to connect to not only your soul, but also the souls of those you love in the other world. I have had so many beautiful experiences reuniting people with their loved ones.
Often a person comes to see me with unresolved feelings about their departed. Sometimes, guilt and grief go hand in hand, or wondering if there was something else that could have been done. After hearing from their loved ones they come away at peace with these issues resolved.
This is my mission, to relieve long-term grief and suffering and to open each heart to the knowledge that we are never alone and we are always forgiven and eternally loved.

TJ is well known for her appearances on the successful ‘Psychic Private Eyes’ series CBS/Zone Reality which led her to help many families with missing and murdered family members worldwide.
Her massive TV and Stage appearances include ‘The Three Mediums’ Living TV; and Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs Living TV, as well as her star power in live events. TJ is dedicated to teaching others to open to their innate gifts and abilities and says, “We each of us have the ability to be more present with spirit”.
She demonstrates Mediumship and Teaches in weekend and extended formats around the world including Japan, New Zealand, America, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and wherever she is called to appear.
Her passion is bringing peace of mind and resolution to those grieving for their departed, and allowing those in spirit to demonstrate their continued love and caring.
When TJ taps into the other realms she often relays messages from the individuals “spirit guide” or “ soul self” that helps us see a clear path ahead with confidence and guidance.
Those attending her private sessions and public events come away with a new perspective and often exclaim what presence, light and love surrounded them during their time


Friday September 27th 2019
 Am I A Medium
Location: Lodge
Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM

a workshop to help people understand that the spirit world and other realms are accessible to all of us and how to just quieten the mind and listen is a great discipline fo life, not just to pass messages to others but to hear your own messages from guides as well as loved ones. How to understand and speak their language.


Saturday September 28th 2019
Am I Psychic {PAID $40}
Location: Lodge
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Helping people to understand what a psychic is and does. We are all psychic and to be able to tune into your own psychic gifts can help in all aspects of life, not just to give readings but to help you understand what those feelings of positivity and negativity mean and how to understand them


Sunday September 29th 2019
Energy Clearing & Power
Location: Main Stage
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Energy Clearing & Power

We all have energy clutter, this workshop will help you clear external energy from your auric field helping you lighten your emotions and feel more in control

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