Tracey Ash

Tracey Ash- a phenomenal schedule and matrix of earth chakras, energy pathways, ancient monuments and conferences aiding humanity and positive change (1999-). Her work defines a new genre of spirituality and sovereignty. She is dedicated to a new generation of revolutionaroes and evolutionaries awake in sacred earth. More than two decades of industry experience on genius meta-physics + premier consciousness training in U.K., USA, Japan and Australia. An influencer on what comes next for those who care about earth and humanity. Sufi, Emoto Foundation researched & PSI Japan honorary member. Creator of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School & Avatars of The Earth Gathering (USA & JAPAN). Her initiations are your game-changer, raising your bar to smash false matrix. Her projects support positive change bringing together astounding ambassadors of evolution. This is grounded, super-intelligent, impeccable, next level spirituality.  She stands for survival, warrior-ship, mobilisation and equality manifestation in precarious times. Her work has taken her to the United Nations. She was tutored for Oxford University and instead chose to aid humanity.

Tracey was trained in London, at the SAGB & College of Psychic Studies (1970 formerly LSA))in trance mediumship, psychic, healing and spiritual training. She was gifted her first contract of work by her mentor Suzanna McKinnety in 1999, who described her as a ‘unique talent, an octave higher in frequency.’ Tracey went onto establish a revolutionary foundation of work for a whole generation under 35 in 1999 before anyone else referenced indigos, rainbows and crystals. This generation is the first wave AVATAR and a global community has grown over two decades dedicated to world change trained and inspired by Tracey Ash. Japan is part of that community. (BA Hons, PGCE).

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